MAY 11, 2022 (San Clemente, CA) - Today, Sandlot Times officially welcomed Ryan Sheckler as their first professional skateboarder to join the team. As a world renowned Pro, entrepreneur, philanthropist and founder of the brand, Sheckler will be leading the charge as a rider for his newest business venture. 

To celebrate, Ryan Sheckler’s first pro model, “Maiden Voyage,” will arrive as a limited-edition signed board. Score one here while supplies last:

“After careful thought and consideration, I made the decision to start a new chapter in my career,” stated Ryan Sheckler. “I’ve had the opportunity to ride for numerous world renowned brands and it was time for me to start my own brand legacy. Skateboarding is fun and my goal for this brand is to provide a creative platform that elevates the next generation of up and coming skateboarders by changing the narrative. After months of research and development with my team, I am excited to share that my first Sandlot Times skateboard is made to withstand the trials and tribulations of my skateboarding and the “Maiden Voyage” symbolizes the beginning of my new journey.”

Sheckler’s first pro model, “Maiden Voyage,” is now available in a size 8.25 for $100 on and the limited-edition signed deck includes a custom blue veneer inlay and is proudly made and manufactured in the USA. 


Turning pro at the age of 13, Ryan Sheckler is no stranger to the limelight and remains a household name within the industry by letting his skateboarding do all of the talking. As an all terrain skater that has charged some of the world’s most iconic spots, Sheckler is committed to his craft and paying the legacy forward to the next generation of skateboarders. 







About Sandlot Times:

Founded by Ryan Sheckler, Sandlot Times is committed to inspiring and influencing the modern day culture of skateboarding around the world by paying the legacy forward to the next generation. With an optimistic, grass roots approach, Sandlot Times is bringing the fun back to skateboarding with integrity, creativity and by changing the narrative. 

May 11, 2022 — Michael Custodio