Do you have what it takes to earn a flow spot on Sandlot Times?  We are looking for three skateboarders who are ready to rise to the occasion and #CHANGETHENARRATIVE of what it means to become sponsored. 

Ryan Sheckler and Manny Santiago will be reviewing your footage and will personally select three skateboarders to join the flow team for one year. Are you ready? 


Step #1 - REGISTER for Flow Time by selecting your t-shirt size, click "Add to Cart". All skaters entering receive a limited-edition Sandlot Times t-shirt. (shipping not included)

Step #2 - Complete the ENTER FLOW TIME form and click "Submit"

Step #3 - CHECKOUT TO PAY YOUR $75 ENTRY FEE! Do not skip this step or you will not qualify for Flow Time


Post up to one minute of footage on Instagram tagging @sandlottimes with the hashtag #SANDLOTTIMESFLOW by February 28, 2024 at 11:59 PST.

Ryan Sheckler, Manny Santiago and the Sandlot Times team will begin reviewing your clips!


  • Tag @sandlottimes with hashtag #SANDLOTTIMESFLOW 
  • Your completed entry must be confirmed to have your footage reviewed. 

Winners of the #SandlotTimesFlow contest will be announced on Friday, March 1, 2024!!!


Three skateboarders will be chosen to receive a one year flow sponsorship by Sandlot Times (2 boards per month) and their footage will be showcased on SandlotTimes.com and across social channels. 


Style (25 points) - Keep it natural. Don’t force it or try to be someone you’re not. The greats made a name by being true to themselves.

Creativity (25 points) - How do you look at a spot or pick one? Do you play it safe or do you go the extra mile and pick the road less traveled when you approach a spot? 

Trick Selection (25 points) - What is in your arsenal of tricks? We want to see a hybrid mix. 

Personality (25 points) - Each of our team riders stands by a code of morals and ethics. Please don’t submit footage of you partying or breaking the law. We’ve all been there and done that. 

*100 total points possible; Top 3 results will be displayed on Sandlot Times on Friday, March 1, 2024.