Red Bull Sōlus, one of the most mentally and physically challenging contests in skateboarding, is back for a third year. From the mind of Ryan Sheckler, this digital skate competition challenges 17 of the top pros and amateurs to deliver their best continuous line at Sheckler’s private skatepark, the SC Sandlot. Here is Ryan Sheckler’s run.

On June 6-8, each of the competing skaters were given one hour at the SC Sandlot to film their best line - no music, no other skaters, and no knowledge of who else is competing in the competition. They're just stuck with their thoughts, their time limit, and James Craig, this year's official Red Bull Sōlus timekeeper and emcee.

This competition format, combined with the new blood featured in this year’s roster, has resulted in the best Red Bull Sōlus to date.

Ryan Sheckler has multiple lifetimes worth of experience in the world of professional skateboarding: numerous gold medals, his own TV show, standout parts for Plan B, Etnies and Red Bull, magazine covers, and even his own charitable foundation.

June 23, 2022 — Michael Custodio