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In 2012, etnies launched the Marana with Ryan Sheckler, inspired by the goal of creating the longest lasting skateboard shoe. Today etnies celebrates 10 years of the shoe Ryan describes as timeless with a video and four limited-edition colorways of the Marana OG.

The Marana was designed piece-by-piece to blend strength, style, and high-impact cushioning. Sheckler says his adult years of trial and error in skateboarding and life have been lived in this shoe. Hear from Sheckler and Chris Joslin about skating the etnies Marana everywhere from the Cologne, Germany stair set to the Davis Gap.

The day Joslin filmed a 360 flip on the Davis Gap, he was wearing a fresh pair of etnies OG Maranas that were fresh out of the box. To celebrate the Marana’s first 10 years, etnies is releasing four of the original colorways for a limited time, with iconic photos of Sheckler and Joslin skating in the Marana on the footbed.

The OG Red Marana featuring Sheckler’s switch flip in Cologne, Germany; The OG Black Marana featuring Joslin’s frontside flip in Japan, which was the Transworld SKATEboarding cover; the OG Brown/Gum Marana featuring Joslin’s Davis Gap 360 flip; and the OG Black/White/Gum Marana featuring Sheckler’s Monster Children cover from down under.

The OG Marana was so durable that skaters were wearing through the outsole before the upper. In 2017, etnies teamed up with Michelin to rebuild the Marana outsole to create the world’s toughest skate shoe that’s 3X more durable. As part of the 10 Years of the Marana Celebration, etnies created a limited-edition silver Marana Michelin with the 10 Years Strong branding on the tongue and footbed. This shoe and the rest of the etnies Marana collection are available here:

June 23, 2022 — Michael Custodio