Today, Sandlot Times welcomed world renowned professional skateboarder and Olympian, Manny Santiago to the team. Known as “Manny Slays All,” Santiago is no stranger to conquering spots from Puerto Rico, Massachusetts, California and around the globe. Check out Manny Santiago’s welcome part and score his first Sandlot Times pro model here while supplies last: 

“I have always been a fan of Manny and over the years we have become great friends,” stated Ryan Sheckler. “He pushed me to be better and the fact that we get to be on the same team and shape a brand how we want to is an absolute blessing! I am so pumped to have Manny on Sandlot Times!” 

“Joining Sandlot Times is something every skater wants,” stated Santiago. “Every skateboarder wants to be part of a team with his friends and enjoy skateboarding!” 

Designed by close friend and fellow Puerto Rican artist, Xava Maldonado, Manny Santiago’s first Sandlot Times pro model, Solos Taina, pays homage to the native Taino people and his Puerto Rican heritage.

Manny’s two minute welcome video highlights hometown spots in Cayey, Puerto Rico and also includes Logic’s “Red Pill VII” off his latest album,College Park, courtesy of Bobby Boy Records.