We all have moments in our life that leave a lasting impression. Where we were, what was accomplished, how we felt… but often times it’s the people who were there that make the moment so special.


The release of the Milestones series is not only about Ryan and the stand out moments in his life, but all the people who contributed to each one. “There are certain days you wake up, and you know it’s a good day to jump off something really high (Costco Gap). There are other days that catch you off guard (Bust or Bail San Francisco), and the energy of your crew gets you hyped to go for it (Hollywood High). Sometimes, you spend years throwing your body down an embankment before it ever happens (Encinitas Gap). And other days, you are skating for fun with the people you look up to and you pull off something insane (First X Games Medal at 13).  This series is a reminder that "you never know what day is going to be a milestone” says Ryan.


In 2003, at the encouragement of World Industries, Sheckler turned pro, at the age of thirteen. He immediately put an end to any uncertainty of his ability with first place finishes at the Gravity Games, Vans Triple Crown, Slam City Jam and the X Games. His success in the Skateboard Park event also earned him a Guinness World Record as the youngest participant ever to earn a gold medal at the X Games at just 13 years of age.

"It’s crazy what happens when you have fun doing what you love." - Ryan Sheckler

Over the next few months, Shecks and Sandlot Times are bringing in the epic crews to retell the stories and peek into the archive. Together, we will be reliving moments that made a mark on the skate industry.


Sandlot Times and Ethika are two brands deeply rooted in the importance of family and what can happen when the best people work together, work hard and innovate. Matt Cook, CEO of Ethika, has played an instrumental role in the action sports industry and always gone above and beyond to support athletes. Ethika has stood by Ryan before his first win at X Games and every chapter since.